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Is your current janitorial
company's idea of cleaning
your building simply taking
out the trash?

Do you need a building custodian/day porter but not sure what should you expect?

Day Porter/Custodians maintain your standards and expectations. Custodians work in buildings, hospitals, schools, apartment complexes, hotels and other industrial or commercial spaces. Day Porters work during the day when buildings are occupied and custodians work only at night so they don’t disturb business.

Day Porters usually report to the facility maintenance supervisor and assist in additional duties as necessary. Custodial work is a hands-on job and experience with tasks, tools and materials helps custodians become faster and more efficient at their jobs.

Day Porters should possess good communication and organizational skills. They also must be able to work alone and/or minimal direct supervision. Knowledge about the job, responsibility and efficiency are as important to be able to get the work done.

Basic Duties/ Responsibilities

The basic cleaning duties performed by custodian/day porter on a daily basis include:

-Dusting surfaces, furniture, blinds and equipment
-Clean glass doors and partitions, mirrors, light switches, door handles and sections of wall where finger prints and foot prints are left
-Move furniture, equipment, or fixtures as required
-Stock area with appropriate supplies
-Lock and unlock doors as directed
-Report malfunction of bathroom fixtures, light fixtures, and/or damages to room and hall furnishings
-Check locks, buzzers and doorbells and report any problem
-Empty waste baskets and trash cans
-Help out with the setup of company meetings, events, and conferences
-Perform small repairs
-Replace light bulbs
-Shovel and remove snow and ice from sidewalks, entryways, and areas within six feet of the building.
-Sweep, mop, polishe floors
-Vacuum, spot clean rugs and carpets
-Shampooing carpets
Strip and Refinish floors
Washing windows

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