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Floor Care

As a business owner you are aware of the importance of first impressions on your clients. Those first few minutes in your place of business will create a long lasting impression on them. A big part of that impression is how clean and maintained your floors look. If you have already spent big money to install a nice floor, shouldn't you make sure that it continues to look as good as possible?

Types of Floors

Whether your flooring is made of stone (marble, granite), vinyl, PVC, epoxy, ceramic or cement it requires regular maintenance to look its best and last as long as possible. Each of these types of flooring materials come in a wide variety of shapes, sizes, colors and textures that needs different floor cleaning. Each type requires different steps to ensure it looks its best and is well maintained.

Patmar Janitorial Services staff is carefully trained to address all these types of flooring issues using the latest in equipment, methods and products. All employees are supervised to ensure quality and care at a reasonable cost, with each individual job tailored to your specific needs.

We are a professional full service cleaning company, providing a complete commercial maintenance and janitorial program.

Our Services Include:
General and Specialized Cleaning
Floor Tile Stripping & Refinish
Carpet Cleaning
Rug Shampoo and Deodorizing
Full Line of Janitorial

Our Products

We focus on delivering a better service by using only the best strippers and waxes chosen for their durability and high green ratings. Many floor companies can make your floors look good at first, but by cutting corners and using lower quality products it causes your floors to quickly become dull and worn again.

Patmar Janitorial Services works with home owners and companies to help restore a Gloss back to its original condition. We take special care and pride in our work in this area, amending problems such as:

WAXING: Tile flooring will be stripped free of dirt and wax, rinsed and then waxed.

BUFFING: Floor buffing is available to bring back the shine of the tile floors

You will find that your floors will look fantastic each morning and stay that way for many months to come. In addition, good maintenance will help your floors last for years. A proper floor maintenance program extends the life of your floor, making sure to protect your investment.

Floor cleaning is something we do best! Contact Patmar Janitorial Services today to find out how easy and affordable is to have clean and well-maintained floors.